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Ahmad Masykur is a Software Architecture Engineer at PT. Freeport Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia.
In this blog, I share things of interest to me. Most topics are likely to be related to software development, but don't hold me to it.



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Ahmad Masykur

Dare To Dream Different Challenge Preparation

Dari informasi blog pak Risman, From PDC 2008 | .NET Micro Framework, bahwa Microsoft telah mengeluarkan .NET Micro Framework 3.0. Dari blog tersebut juga saya dapat informasi mengenai kompetisi berhadiah 50.000 USD yaitu Microsoft Dare to Dream Different Challenge. Dengan pengalaman membuat berbagai macam modul microcontroller sewaktu kuliah di Teknik Elektro Undip Semarang, saya tertarik dengan tantangan ini. Saya bersama Zeddy Iskandar mencoba men-submit ide ke tim Dare to Dream Different Challenge dalam waktu dekat.

Tadi siang, saya telah menerima bingkisan Embedded Development Kit for the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework dari Mr Zeddy dan siap untuk di-explore.

Picture0019 Picture0021

Setelah download .NET Micro Framework 3.0 SDK, kini saya siap untuk membangun applikasi embedded system berbasis teknologi Microsoft .NET.

Semua informasi yang berhubungan dengan .NET Micro Framework ada di http://www.microsoft.com/netmf/default.mspx.

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Jonathan Kagle just finished his presentation this morning at Tech-Ed in Orlando where he provided a preview of what will be in the next version of .NET Micro Framework.  This is an early look at what we're planning; it could change by the time we release, and as always, should you choose to base your business or product plans on an unreleased product, you get what you deserve!  Those caveats aside, here's an overview for those who weren't able to attend:

Interop: "Native code?  We don't need no steekin native code!"  Most of the time the C# managed code environment in .NET MF is ideal, but there are times when you might need to drop down to native code to add support for a feature or perform a time-critical operation.  You can do this today in .NET MF 2.5, but it isn't particularily elegant.  3.0 changes that all allows you to link native code to managed code when you need to.  Check out Steve Maillet's blog for more details.

Touchscreen: We're adding touchscreen support in v3, and that includes support for simple inking scenarios, allowing you to build a small kiosk that captures a credit card signature, for example.

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The .NET Micro Framework is an innovative development and execution environment for resource-constrained devices.
Its fully integrated Visual Studio experience brings a reliable and productive development system to the embedded world.

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NET Micro framework provides a rich level of support for embedded systems development from handling interrupts on GPIO pins to talking to hardware on an SPI ...

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT, HKEX: 4338) is a multinational computer technology corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of software products for computing devices.[9][8] Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA, its best selling products are the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software.

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